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Annual Pilgrimage


Once a year, on the first Sunday of September,  Harvington  receives several hundred pilgrims and priests from parishes throughout the Archdiocese of Birmingham.

The four martyrs especially venerated at Harvington, who worked at various times in the area, are:

St John Wall – hung, drawn and quartered at Red Hill, Worcester on 2 August 1679, and canonized in 1970; St Nicholas Owen – died under torture in the Tower on 2 March 1606, and was canonized in 1970; Bl. Edward Oldcorne – executed at Red Hill, Worcester on 7 April 1606 and beatified in 1929; and Bl. Arthur Bell – executed at Tyburn on 11 December 1643 and beatified in 1987.

The witness of the martyrs here at Harvington Hall is an inspiration to all of us. When we reflect on their courage and loving steadfastness in the face of opposition and menace we are moved to make apology to our Lord for the comparative weakness of our own faith. The pilgrimages aren't only a lovely day-out, but it fires us again with enthusiasm for the mission that Christ has entrusted to us in our own time.






The 2019 Pilgrimage will be on

Sunday 1st September.

Mass: 3pm 




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